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Inseparable friends.

I make portraits of kids and adults with their toys. It might be your child and their favourite doll, or robot, or football. Or you with some raggedy old thing you used to take everywhere back in the day.

#Toyhead look great framed large on a wall, conceptual art almost (if I may be so bold), but most of all they tell a story of an inseparable friendship unique to you and your family.

toyhead in situ 3.jpg

Your home is my studio.

I come to you. I shoot in whatever location tells your story best – garden, front room, park, study… No cheesy studio shots.

I use natural lighting. Using whatever light is available I shoot freely and candidly, shadows and all… Your home won’t be filled with equipment.

We work together. I like to capture the subject doing whatever you think is most ‘them’, whatever feels natural and puts them at ease… you know best.


If you have any questions…

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